Deloitte real index Q4 2019


In the last quarter of 2019, sales prices of apartments in the Czech Republic grew by 4.3% to CZK 63,400 per sq.m. on average, while a total of 7,130 apartments were sold for more than CZK 28 billion. Whereas the greatest increase in the prices of apartments was recorded in Liberec, where they grew by 18.6% to CZK 43,300 per sq.m. on average, the largest decrease was registered in Plzeň, with the prices having fallen by 10% to CZK 40,100 per sq.m. on average. In 4Q 2019, the most expensive apartments available for purchase were in Prague with an average price of CZK 86,200 per sq.m. (+1%), and the cheapest ones were in Ústí nad Labem with an average price of CZK 18,100 per sq.m. (+2.2%).

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