Deloitte develop index 05-06 2019


In May and June, the average price of a Prague apartment increased slightly compared to the previous two months, specifically by 0.6% to CZK 107,100 per square meter. The total number of available apartments on the Prague market increased in May and June 2019 and at the beginning of July 2019 it amounted to 5,858. The most significant price growth was recorded by Prague 10 (+7.3%). On the other hand, prices decreased e.g. in Prague 8 (-10.4%) and Prague 4 (-1.7%). Prague 1 remains the most expensive Prague district with the average offer price of CZK 193,300 per square meter. The cheapest apartments were for sale at the end of June in Prague 9, where an apartment could be purchased for CZK 95,400 per square meter.

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