Deloitte develop index 09-10 2018


September and October were poorer in terms of new offers of apartments than in previous years. 965 new apartments with the average proposed price of CZK 102,200 per square meter were put up for direct sale. The total number of available apartments in the Prague market increased almost by 6%, representing 5,587 apartments in early November 2018. The average proposed price for Prague’s available apartments in development projects amounted to CZK 104,100 per square metre in the autumn. This represented an almost 12% increase year-on-year and, when compared to 2014, the price level of the apartments on offer in Prague already increased by more than 59%. Prague 1 remains the most expensive city borough, with the highest average proposed price of CZK 196,500 per square meter. In late October, the cheapest apartments could be bought in Prague 4 (with the average proposed price of CZK 89,100 per square meter).

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