General public is able to access the Transaction Price Map after an online registration. A user is expected to use the data from the Price Map for personal purposes.
Navigation within the application and map is not restricted and is free of charge. The part of the product we charge for is the REPORT. A report is an organized summary of the real estate price information from a selected area.

The scope and types of reports that are available to the general public:

There is a set of 6 price reports available to the general public. You can download the sample reports right before selecting the report in the map.

How much will you pay for a report?

All types of reports cost 99 CZK (including VAT) per report (independently from the number of pages).

Type of Payment

The payment transaction is conducted as an e-shop. Selected reports are added to the basket and then you checkout by entering your debit or credit card information. After a transaction is completed, you can access selected reports as PDF in the "My Account" section.

In case you have already created an account, proceed to login here.