There are two ways to access the Transaction Price Map for mortgage brokers:
  • Basic access – analogy to the access for General Public
First login to the app is set as Basic Access and can be used as a demo of the service.

Basic Access

  • The access will be activated automatically upon your registration (filling out of the subsequent form, followed by your confirmation of the account through reply to an automatically generated email).
  • Navigation within the application and map is not restricted and is free of charge. The part of the product we charge for is the REPORT - an organized summary of the real estate price information from a selected area.
  • Similarly to access for General Public, there is a set of 6 price reports available. You can download the sample reports right before selecting the report in a map.
  • All types of reports cost 99 CZK (including VAT) per report (independently from the number of pages).
  • The payment transaction is conducted like in an e-shop. Selected reports are added to the basket and then you checkout by entering  your debit or credit card information. After a transaction is completed, you can access selected reports in PDF in the "My Account" section.


  • We will allow a repetitive, discounted access to the application based on a monthly payment plan.
  • Besides search in the maps, you will also have  access to the section with reports..
  • You will gain access to a higher amount of reports – you will be able to utilize summary reports and trend reports.
  • The payment is bound to one non-transferable, non shared account (i.e.. One specific username and password).
  • For the price of 399 CZK monthly excluding VAT you will be granted an access for 1 user and a package of 50 reports(after 50 reports, each additional one will cost 49 CZK excluding VAT). The use of the monthly plan is enabled upon a payment of one time registration fee of 900 CZK excluding VAT in the first month’s invoice.

The MORTGAGE BROKER plan can be initiated by signing a written contract which will be delivered to you in an email after your initial registration, along with detailed conditions. The contract is valid for a period of 1 year with an automatic extension according to the conditions in the contract.

The use of the MORTGAGE BROKER plan is conditioned by holding a valid business license.

In case you have already created an account, proceed to login here.