Contact us to gain access to the Transaction Price Map application and find out prices of real estate dwellings, including foreclosures.


Due to its extensive database, the Transaction Price Map is a valuable analytical tool for all types of financial institutions. The knowledge of a dwelling price is important when purchasing, selling, transferring or foreclosing a real estate property, when providing mortgage, and in other scenarios.

  • You do not need the dwelling owner's permission
  • Transaction Price Map can serve as a remarkable help when deciding on financing development projects or when mapping potential clients for mortgages and loans.
  • Since the user data is encrypted and protected from misuse, the application is completely safe.

Building Societies

The use of the Transaction Price Map can be used internally as well as when working with clients. The application can be used not only to display the price of individual dwellings, but also to compare buildings among each other by specific parameters. Transaction Price Map is, therefore, a useful tool for creating a market analysis or company pricing strategy.

  • The Transaction Pricing Map contains complex information about apartment buildings, family houses and development projects.
  • The value of a dwelling plays the main role when constructing, purchasing or reconstructing a real estate property.
  • The information about the transaction price can be used for legal purposes.

Insurance Companies

The knowledge of the real price of a property is vital when determining the insurance rate. The Transaction Price Map will serve as an analytical tool; obtained data can be the basis for conducting e.g. risk analyses. Moreover, in the application you can find long-term trends in pricing of selected dwellings.

  • Obtained price and socioeconomic data can be used for any type of legal purposes.
  • The data used as the input to the application comes from official sources.
  • Individual dwellings can be compared among each other.
  • The Transaction Price Map saves time and cost necessary to obtaining prices of individual properties.

Savings Associations

The use of the Transaction Price Map for savings associations can be helpful largely when focusing on the field of personal finance. The application can be used as a simple and reliable analytical tool that will serve when deciding about providing a financing for a property purchase for new project construction, etc.

  • The Transaction Price Map contains real and up-to-date information about dwelling prices.
  • The information from the application can be used when securing a loan.
  • The Transaction Price Map allows comparing of individual dwellings based on location and other parameters.
  • The use of the application is easy, saves time and money.