The Transaction Price Map will help you in important life situations.

Sale or Purchase of a Dwelling

Are you planning a purchase or a sale of a house or apartment and do you want to make sure that the price of the transaction is relevant to the value of the property? You can find this information in the Transaction Price Map. You will find out whether the intended purchase is profitable or how much a similar dwelling currently costs on the market. The Transaction Price Map will help you to evaluate prices and to decide whether to sell or buy the property and at what price.

  • You will find the actual market price of real estate properties.
  • You will also encounter the price of neighboring or similar dwellings.
  • The transaction Price Map contains up-to-date information about sale prices of real estate.
  • You can use the detected information about transaction prices for various purposes.

Determining Price of a Dwelling

Do you want to know the real market price of a dwelling and you do not have an expert opinion readily available? Interpersonal service can be partially substituted by the transaction price map. Thanks to regular updates, the transaction price map is a unique source for up-to-date information from the cadastral offices that is processed in a way that corresponds with reality.

  • The transaction price map contains complex information about all segments of the residential market.
  • Detected price of a property can be used upon purchase or sale of a dwelling or for personal purposes.
  • You don’t have to pay for an expert opinion in order to get an overview of the market prices.
  • The information about price is available at any time.

Prenuptial Agreements

Do you own an apartment, house, or another real estate and are you planning on concluding a marriage? In that case you are most likely considering a property adjustment order. With the help of the Transaction price Map, you will be able to close the prenuptial agreement easily and quickly. You can check the market price of a selected dwelling and save costs of potential expert opinion. The transaction price map will help you gain necessary information in the comfort of your home.

  • The transaction price map will advise you in regard to the real market price of a selected real estate property.

  • You can avoid costs and complications when determining the price of a dwelling.
  • The knowledge of the price of your property will speed up the process of putting together a contract.
  • The information about price can be used in other types of contracts, as well.

Property Lien or Collateral

Are you planning on taking a collateral loan and you don’t know the exact value of your property? This information can be found in the Transaction price map. You can use the real market price of your property when negotiating property liens or property as a security when drafting a contract. You don’t have to rely only on subjective evaluations of real estate agencies, bank institutions, and other organizations.

  • The transaction price map will reveal the real market price of dwelling.
  • You don’t have to be afraid of undervaluation or overvaluation of property price.
  • The map contains information about initial sales, as well as resale.
  • No expert knowledge of the real estate market is required in order to navigate through the transaction price map.

Debtor & Creditor Protection

Do you need to hedge your money in a property or to appraise a dwelling of a debtor without having to rely on various subjective opinions of institutions and experts? Search for real, up-to-date price of a selected dwelling in the transaction price map. The information in the transaction price map are based on data from public institutions, especially cadastral offices.

  • The Transaction Price Map provides information about all types of segments of the residential market.
  • It also contains demographic and socioeconomic data.
  • All transactions are monitored in the long term.
  • The transaction price map contains publicly accessible, trustworthy data.

Family Property Adjustment Order

As life goes and different family events occur, several reasons for knowing the price of a piece of property come up. It can be drafting of a prenuptial agreement, divorce, or heritage order. In all these situations, transaction map can be of a help. You can you it to find out if selected dwellings loosing or gaining value, and accordingly organize the family property order.

  • The price information is usefully in every life situation.
  • The data from the transaction price map can bring a clarity into your property order.
  • Thank you to the Transaction Price map you can monitor the evolution of a price of a selected dwelling.
  • The easy accessibility of information can speed up the process of the organization of property order.