Deloitte develop index 03-04 2021


The trend of increasing prices of Prague apartments continued in March and April. The average price per square metre increased by 1.6% to CZK 125,400. The most significant growth was recorded in Prague 7, where the price increased by 13.6% to CZK 133,500 per square metre. Prices also increased in Prague 3 (by 4.9% to CZK 129,400 per square metre) or in Prague 2 (by 3.9% to CZK 175,500 per square metre). The most significant decrease of 5.17% was recorded in Prague 1; however, this district still remains the most expensive one in Prague (CZK 193,000 per square metre). The prices of apartments also decreased in Prague 6 (by 4.5% to CZK 128,400 per square metre) and Prague 10 (by 1.2% to CZK 115,900 per square metre). Prague 9 remains the cheapest district, where you can buy one square metre for CZK 110,400.

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