Deloitte develop index 05-06 2020


For the first time in 2020, the Prague market with new apartments saw a very modest price decrease of 0.1% to the average cost of CZK 115,600 per sq. metre. This was due to an above-average number of projects located farther from the city centre entering the market in May and June, which caused stagnation of the average price offer in the whole of Prague. The most expensive apartments remain in Prague 1 (CZK 201,200 per sq. metre), while the cheapest ones are offered in Prague 9 (CZK 103,200 per sq. metre). The average price dropped most significantly in Prague 3 (a decrease of 11.2% to CZK 116,800 per sq. metre). Contrarily, the strongest growth (of 5.3% to CZK 143,600 per sq. metre) was recorded in Prague 2.

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