Deloitte develop index 03-04 2020


In March and April, the Prague housing market increased the average offer per square metre again. However, the increase was slightly milder in comparison to the previous period, with the price increasing by one percent to CZK 115,700 per square metre. The most expensive apartments remain available in Prague 1 for CZK 194,200 CZK per square metre. On the contrary, the cheapest apartments can be obtained in Prague 9 where the average price is around CZK 102,900 per square metre. The price rose the most in Prague 8 (by 5.3% to CZK 115,300 per square metre), whereas Prague 4 recorded the biggest decrease (by 3.6% to CZK 112,700 per square metre). However, during the same period, the number of apartments on offer increased by almost 600 new units to 5,392.

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