Deloitte develop index 01-02 2020


The beginning of 2020 brought about an increase in the price level – in January and February the prices of Prague apartments rose just like in the previous period by 1.8% and they newly settled at the average price of CZK 114,500 per square meter. The number of available apartments dropped compared to the previous period to 4,800. The most significant increase in prices was recorded in Prague 4, where the average price increased by 6.7% to CZK 116,900 per square meter. On the other hand, the most marked decrease in prices was recorded in Prague 7, where the prices dropped by 5.2% to CZK 110,300 per square meter. Prague 1 remains the most expensive district (CZK 195,000 per square meter) and Prague 9 the cheapest one (CZK 102,300 per square meter).

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