Deloitte develop index 11-12 2019


At the end of 2019, the price level in Prague rose again. The average offer price of new available apartments for sale reached CZK 112,500 CZK per square metre, an increase of 1.8% against the previous two months and 6% year-on-year. In November, an average apartment on the Prague market had 69 square meters for the price of CZK 7,694,000. Prague 1 remains to be the most expensive district with an average price of CZK 194,600 per square meters. The cheapest apartments can be found in Prague 9, with an average price per square meter of CZK 103,000. Apartment prices in Prague 2 dropped by 3% to CZK 131,600 per square meter; an increase of 4%, however, was recorded in Prague 3 (CZK 124,100 per square meter), Prague 4 (CZK 109,600 per square meter), and Prague 5 (CZK 117,900 per square meter).

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