Prague development market in September and October 2018


In terms of the supply of new apartments, September and October were substantially poorer than in previous years, with the supply only accounting for 63% of prior years’ average during the two months. 965 new apartments were put on the market for direct sale with an average surface area price parameter of CZK 102,196 per m2. This time, apartments that formed part of reconstruction projects only accounted for 13.5% of apartments and their average surface area price parameter was CZK 133,233 per m2. A significant factor in this period was the increase in the number of apartments in projects introduced on the market in the previous months of this year. Development companies increased their offerings to include 230 additional apartments. Thanks to this, the total supply of apartments amounted to 5,015 new apartments this year and, after two years, exceeded the threshold of 5,000 apartments per year.

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