“Why can’t I login at first?”

  • Most likely, your account has not been activated yet. In order to activate your account, you need to click on the activation link in the email we sent you to the provided email address. Afterwards, you should be able to use your one time password.

“Why is my login combination not working?”

  • You might have entered the combination of username and password incorrectly 3 times, and your account was blocked for security reasons. Email us please at info@cenovamapa.org to get your account unblocked and to receive a new one-time password.

„Can I first try the application out for free? Is there a demo?“

  • Registration, login, and navigation within the map and the application is free. You can try the application out and find out all the features it provides by using the access for general public. The part of the product we charge for is the REPORT - an organized summary of the real estate price information.
  • At the same time, you can download sample reports to know what information to expect. Sample reports can be downloaded for example under the section Pricing or in the application before selecting the actual report.

"What can be the price of my apartment or house?"

  • The transaction price map can help you to figure out price of real estate property. The first step is registration and login. In the application, you will be able to search for a dwelling that you are interested in and to purchase a price report. The report can be designed from a perspective of an individual dwelling or of a specific area (radius of 0.5 or 1 km form a selected point). The information in the report can paint you a picture of what the prices in realized transactions in a specific building or its surroundings looked like. The price of a report is 99 CZK.

“Are there other ways of submitting payment besides paying by debit and credit card?”

  • Currently, payments are possible only by paying with you debit or credit card. The information about your card will not be access by anyone from the company staff. The payment is secured by the GP webpay service and the transaction is processed by Komercni Banka, a.s.

"Are non-commercial sales of real estate property like privatizations of transfers within cooperatives etc. accounted for?"

  • Non-commercial transactions (family or company order, privatization, and transfers within cooperatives to private ownership, etc.) are not accounted for in the Transaction Price Map. We are keeping a separate database of such records, and therefore are able to identify them.

„What is the price of my land?“

  • The Transaction price Map is currently oriented purely on prices of dwellings (houses, apartments). The prices of land is not currently accounted for in the application.

„What is the difference between old brick building and old house in city center?“

  • We tried to create a simple and rational method when arranging apartments in older houses – we looked at how the individual apartment types are perceived by the public. Logically, we saw a separation to old prefab (panel) and brick buildings. However, we believe it would be useful to add one more group: historical buildings, therefore we created a third segment called old houses in city centers. Each type of dwelling has a specific period within which it was constructed.

The Transaction Price Map arranges other housing construction into the following groups:
  • Old prefab (panel) buildings – constructed after 1950, main material used are panels
  • Old brick buildings – constructed after 1900, main material used is brick masonry.
  • Old houses in city centers – historical objects constructed before 1900 that are mostly used for living, typical example of this segment are houses in the historical heart of a city (e.g. Ottokar II. Square in Ceske Budejovice, Old Town Square in Prague, etc.)
  • New individual construction - individual smaller new houses and apartments constructed after 1994, excluding development projects.