Complaints about the provided services, in particular the provision of a Report not corresponding with the order, delayed provision of a Report, defects in a Report preventing the user from being able to use it, failure to provide or the incorrect provision of the relevant tax document, etc, must be reported to the Provider without delay by e-mail at or by phone at +420 246 042 555.

The Provider undertakes to settle the complaint without unnecessary delay within 30 days of receiving the complaint at the latest. Unless the user states another claim as part of the complaint, the Provider undertakes to resolve the acknowledged defects by providing a flawless Report or a corrected tax document that corresponds with the user’s order, while adhering to the Terms. If this is not possible or if the user requests this as part of the complaint, and if the Provider deems the complaint justified, the Provider will refund the paid fee for the provision of the service by transferring the money to the user’s account.