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Protection of Personal Data

Spolecnost pro cenove mapy CZ s.r.o. does not collect any personal data that could identify a specific person, expect cases when a person provides such data upon registration for the purpose of using the Transaction Price Map application services.

Upon registration, a user agrees to the use of his / her personal data to the following extent:
"Personal data provided through the contact form by data subject will be processed and stored by the Spolecnost pro cenove mapy CR s.r.o. company in order to contact the data subject to a necessary extent when negotiating the closing of a contract for application services. Personal data will be accessible to the Deloitte Advisory s.r.o. company and to other data processors as specified below to the extent that is necessary to provide our services. Providing personal data is optional, and you may withhold your consent with providing personal data at any time, resulting in certain consequences regarding contract negotiation."

In case of ambiguities or questions in regards to your personal data security, or if you wish to take back your agreement to the policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Use of Information

Spolecnost pro cenove mapy CZ s.r.o. reserves the right to conduct analyses about user behavior on website. The metrics may be the following: number of visitors, number of clicks, etc. This data is always available only in a statistical summary.

Users should take into account that some user information may be automatically collected during standard operations of the server that is hosting the application (e.g. user IP address) and during the use of cookies (small text files that are saved on user computer serving as a tool for the server to recognize users who visited the website and to track their behavior). You may find more about the use of cookies here.

In some cases, you will be providing your information, e.g. in order to access specific content. In such cases, data provided by you will be used strictly for the purpose of processing of your request and for the purpose of making our services better.

We may use your personal data for marketing purposes: to send you advertising material and information regarding the services of Transaction Price Map that we believe would interest you. We may also contact you to gain feedback for our services.

At anytime, you may unsubscribe from e-mails and other forms of communication that we initiate based on your contact information.

Disclosing Information to Third Parties

We may diclose your personal data to the business entities we cooperate with on developing and operating the Transaction Price Map application. The list of Third Party data processors is as follows:

  • Smartdata, s.r.o., EIN 27134741 (app development)
  • Infinity a.s., EIN 24267945 (app and web server hosting and administration)
  • Komercni banka a.s., EIN 45317054 (bank service of the payment gateway)
  • Global Payments Europe s.r.o., EIN 27088936 (payment gateway)
  • Deloitte Advisory s.r.o., EIN 27582167 (consulting services)

By providing your information to our website, you agree with your personal data being used under the preceding conditions.

Blogs, Forums, Wiki Application and other Social Media

This website may include links to various blogs, forums, wiki, and other applications and services of social media that enable share content with other users (collectively, "social media application"). Any personal or other data that you share on social media is available to all users of social media. Such users may read, collect and use the data you share. We are not able to influence how those users use such data, and we are not responsible for the use, misuse, or non-authorized use of personal data shared on social media by other users of social media.

Information Security

The data provided to users on this website is protected by technological and operational measures that are consistent with the requirements of the business environment and that avoid non-authorized access to the data, their publication, change or debasement.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be changed or edited if necessary. In case there are updates to this policy, the date of the last revision will be changed. The changed policy will then be valid starting the date of the last revision. We recommend that all users regularly review the Privacy Policy to stay informed about the way their personal data is protected.

Questions of the Visitors of

If you visit our website and encounter further questions or ambiguities regarding the privacy of your personal information, feel free to contact us.

Last revision: 2/9/2015