Which locations are we monitoring?

Locations with data available today are: The Czech Republic.

Is data in the Transaction Price Map up-to-date?

The Transaction Price Map uses data from CUZK (Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadaster) from the date of:
  • 01/05/2023

Currently, the application contains price information for the segments of Development Projects (new and fairly-new dwellings), Family Houses and Other Housing Construction (older brick houses, panel buildings and old houses in the city center) in selected regions.
  • The price information in the application for new and fairly-new dwellings in Development Projects is dated to the period of 1994.
  • The price information in the application for Other Housing Construction and Family Houses is dated to the period of 12/01/2013.

For easier search in the map, the symbol (square or triangle) indicating an apartment building or family house includes a black dot if there was a transaction in past.

The application is still in development and is being extended by new locations and data.